November 30, 2015

Wearable Health Tech 3:00PM  -  4:00 PM Wearable Health Tech Central Park West

Wearable Health Tech

From the fitbit IPO to millions of kids wearing the IHT Spirit monitors in Gym class, the IoT has come to healthcare in a big way this year.  Four of the highest potential new ideas in the space will vie to win our heartbeats, mindshare, meetings with partners and investors, and a Momentum startup prize package.  Click more to see the finalists below.

We are pleased to announce these fantastic startups will be pitching!

IoT Wearables – Your Metabolism based Body Tracker

InfraSonic Monitoring Inc. – Wearable Electronics – introducing CoreTrac, a platform to provide users cardiac performance while doing their activities outside of clinical setting.

SIDS Sensor – Has developed a remote detector for biometrics that can detect breathing from up to 7 meters away.  First medical application is as a SIDS sensor.

Evermed – CPR Glass, a CPR assistant when and where you need it. When seconds count, we count seconds.

Mella – Mella is a wearable device (headband) that eliminates insomnia and allows users to wake up rested, refreshed and ready for the day.  It is a small device worn on the forehead, uses multiple PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) programs to allow users to (1) fall asleep in just 5-20 minutes; (2) to attain restful and productive sleep; and then (3) to wake up naturally or to a light vibration feeling refreshed and well rested, when they want to – not only in the lightness stage of sleep.

Alternate: Fitnescity – Fitness training that uses wearables, as well as years of research in data visualization and computer vision, enabling people to achieve better outcomes in a shorter amount of time.

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