November 30, 2015

Hospitals 2.0 09:30  -  10:30 Hospitals 2.0 Central Park West

Hospitals 2.0

Traditional high cost, high touch care centers are rapidly becoming centers of innovation with the help of hundreds of nimble tech teams.  Four of the newest companies transforming this space will present to win!  Want to increase the speed of your hospital sales cycle?  Click below to see the finalists!

We are pleased to announce these fantastic startups will be pitching!

(note, some changes still being made)

MagnePath – MagnePath has developed a Virtual Liver Biopsy to help patients with Liver Disease avoid invasive diagnostic procedures.   Chronic Liver Disease is becoming increasingly prevalent, with 10% of all children, 30% of the general population and 75% of the obese population currently dealing with fatty liver disease.   The MagnePath solution will benefit multiple parties with an interactive report for patient education, an efficient & quantitative interpretation for the radiologist, and better coordination of diagnosis & care for the referring physician.

CARE+WEAR – Designing innovative healthwear to create a more positive and effective healing experience for patients everywhere.

medtimers – Helping healthcare facilities inform their patients of wait times in real time

Cognuse – A Comprehensive rehabilitation platform for the continuum of care

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