November 30, 2015

Reinventing the Clinical Experience 1:30 PM  -  2:30 PM Reinventing the Clinical Experience Central Park West

Reinventing the Clinical Experience

Patients and Physicians have many new tools to engage and collect vast amounts of data. We invite the best new ideas to compete and show us what they have built that will reshape a brighter, better healthcare future for us all.

We are pleased to announce these fantastic startups will be pitching!

Claritas Mind Sciences – Claritas strives to merge mindfulness, emerging digital technology and behavioral psychology to develop and scale solutions that will enable people to control their cravings & addictions.

Older & Wiser – Older and Wiser will provide a customized telehealth solution to enable the elderly to access psychiatric services remotely.

KallDoc – Your doctor, on demand medical attention on its way in minutes with the kalldoc app.

Addicaid – Addiction isn’t black or white, it’s a spectrum disorder ranging from abuse and dependency to severe addictions. Addicaid is building a platform that can help motivate you and connect with a community.

Session Category :  BigData  Innovation  Patients  Physicians