November 30, 2015

Patient Momentum: Where The Wave Begins 2:45 PM  -  3:00 PM Patient Momentum: Where The Wave Begins Central Park West

Patient Momentum: Where The Wave Begins

Changing healthcare with innovation is not easy.  Many of us find ourselves compelled to create new solutions to fix what is broken starting from the role of a patient or someone who has lost someone close to them.  Regina Holliday began her journey when she lost her husband Fred Holliday to cancer.  During his illness she and Fred experienced a great number of issues with our health system.  In her grief she began painting Fred’s story.  To date she has painted over 300 patient stories and those of innovators seeking to drive change.  She has addressed congress and been invited to the White House numerous times to discuss what can be done to improve the healthcare experience and has become one of the leading advocate of patient-centered change in the world..  Mentor to MedStartr and three time crowdfunding success, Regina is an inspiration to us all and will talk about the power of patients to affect positive change in healthcare.

Session Category :  Activism  Advocacy  Art  Business  crowdfunding  Momentum  Patients  Physicians  Scaling